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Reporting Phone Call Leads

Property News will soon be reporting telephone leads from our website. We will track and report on both phone calls and emails to your business, branch and your individual properties. The call figures will be included in your existing weekly reports. 

From the Estate Agent perspective there are several benefits:

Mobile-first strategy: As 70%* of our traffic comes from mobile devices we have designed this development with mobile-first principles. Desktop users simply click to reveal the number, mobile users click-to-call automatically. Your telephone number remains unchanged and unaffected.

Tracking leads to your business: Propertynews will now be able to track all of the leads to your business and report on these to you. This will provide great insight into the demand and likelihood of a sale or rental agreement on your property portfolio and individual properties.

Reporting: As an agent, you will be able to see a weekly/monthly report on the calls, emails and property views (or other online goals if applicable) that Propertynews has delivered.This performance can be analysed over time and rationale for improvements identified and remedial action taken if required. We will also provide market averages so you can compare against NI Estate Agency benchmarks. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We will optimise our website to drive more active home-buyer traffic, and in turn, more leads for your business.

Spider crawls/nuisance calls: leading classified websites use click-to-call buttons so that spiders cannot crawl and collect the number for nuisance calls. Experts advise classified websites like Propertynews to implement this. 

Skype/Internet Calling: Trends demonstrate this new communication type is becoming increasingly popular. This requires call button to function from a desktop or mobile device. 

Transparency of leads: Propertynews are transparent about the leads we provide. As an agent, you can query with us any issues with your performance on and we can work together to seek continuous improvement on your leads.  

*Source Google Analytics 

Above demonstrates how the call-tracking button will look on the website. For more information please contact us here>>>

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